Requesting an Appointment

Our appointment system has changed, we now use an online system for appointment requests.

 This means if you are unwell and require a same day appointment or if you require a routine appointment for a non-urgent issue or on-going health concern you will need to complete a request form via PATCHS or the NHS APP.

If you are unable to use an online form or do not have digital access, please call the practice on 01484 530834 and the reception team will complete the form with you over the phone.

Our Care Navigators and Clinical Team will assess the information you have provided on the same platform, and you will be contacted with an update on the same day, often within the hour! This will mean you are referred to the most appropriate professional, making sure that you get the support you need from the right person at the right time.

Book an Appointment with the Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant

If you need to arrange a blood test, or to see the nurse for immunisations, cervical smear, long-term condition review or other nursing appointment, please note that at this time you will still need to call the practice on 01484 530834 to arrange this appointment. You DO NOT need to fill out a digital form.

Cancelling Appointments

If you no longer need an appointment or cannot make it please cancel as soon as possible so that we can offer the time to another patient. Every day patients fail to attend appointments which could be offered to another patient in need. You may cancel your appointment online via the NHS APP (link) or via Systmonline (link) You may also call the practice on 01484 530834.

Appointment Use

Appointments should ideally be for one problem, if short then multiple problems can be addressed, but please be mindful that your appointment time will be no longer than 15 minutes when seeing a GP.  If your issues are complex or requiring longer to address the doctor may ask you to come back for a further appointment to discuss the matter. While we make every effort to stick to appointment times we also strive to provide patients with the time and service they need. Often the surgeries can run late due to squeezing in urgent extras or because patients need extra care such as admission to hospital. We review our surgery times to try to mitigate a build-up of such delays but this is not always successful as each patient is different and we tailor our service to them.

Help the doctors and other clinicians by having planned what you want to say before your appointment and explaining this clearly at the start, including if you hope to discuss multiple issues. Useful advice to get the most of your appointment is available here.

Emergency appointments

What if I have an emergency?

Where patients have urgent medical needs which require an appointment that day we will try to ensure they are seen. Please be aware if our appointment books are full you will be advised to contact NHS 111 for help.