Newsletter May 2024

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New Appointment System

The way we offer, and book appointments is changing. We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating for patients to make appointments and get through to us by telephone. This has become an increasing problem across the country, with a significant rise in demand being faced in GP practices.  NHS England have completed a review of access to primary care and have asked practices to change the way patients book appointments and access care.

From 24th June 2024 we will be changing to an on-line request process for booking appointments.

Requesting an Appointment

If you have a new or on-going health problem and need to request advice or an appointment you will need to complete a PATCHS on-line request form. This consists of a short series of questions that will help the practice team provide you with advice or an appointment with the best clinician to help you.

A request form can be submitted between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. The number of requests the practice can safely deal with each day will be capped and when this capacity has been reached patients will be advised to contact 111 if they need help on the same day.

Requesting an appointment via The NHS App

The easiest and most convenient way to submit an on-line request is via the NHS APP. Click on the image below for guidance on how to download the NHS APP and create your NHS login.

A step-by-step instruction leaflet is also available in practice and by clicking on the link below, to help patients get started with the NHS APP.

Getting started with The NHS App

Submitting a PATCHS request form on the NHS APP

  1. Download the NHS App and log-in
  2. Choose the Advice option from the lower left of the screen.

3. Now select Ask your GP for medical advice.

4. Click Continue to access PATCHS, where you can submit a health request to your practice.

Requesting an appointment in PATCHS via our website

You can also submit your request via our website by clicking on the image below or any PATCHS banner on the website.

A guidance Leaflet is also available in practice or by clicking on the link below.

PATCHS – Contact your GP Online

Patients who do not have online access

If you do not have computer access, Wi-Fi, or a smartphone or you are not able to submit an online request for any reason, please do not worry, our reception staff will complete the form for you over the telephone.

The reception staff are also happy to help and support patients who struggle with on-line technology.

With the help of volunteers from our patient participation group we are also planning some support sessions for patients who may need help registering for and using the NHS App or PATCHS. Please let us know if this would interest you so we can put together an invite list and arrange dates.

Benefits for Patients

It is our hope that this will be a positive change, improve access and make it easier and more convenient for patients to request help.

  • Getting away from the 8.30am rush and waiting to get through by telephone.
  • Free’s up telephone access for urgent requests and patients who struggle with online technology.
  • Fairer Access: Doctors can triage requests on the same platform according to medical need, rather than a first come first served allocation of appointments.
  • Enables a structured gathering of information so the practice team is able to understand your needs fully at the point of request and provide appropriate advice or book an appointment with the best clinician to help you.
  • Improves our understanding of overall demand and helps us plan for the future.