EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service)

The Electronic Prescribing Service allows the doctor to send your prescriptions directly to the chemist of your own choice. This allows a very efficient prescribing and dispensing process making it convenient for both patients and staff.

Information for Patients:

If you normally collect repeat prescriptions from the same place, or if you collect them on behalf of someone else, you could benefit from the service:

you can collect repeat prescriptions directly from a pharmacy without visiting your GP

you won’t have paper prescriptions to lose

you may spend less time waiting in the pharmacy

The service is reliable,secure & confidential

When ever you change your pharmacy, please update us immediately, so that we can change it on your records to make sure the prescriptions go to the correct pharmacy.

Click on the link below for more information. Speak to our reception staff who can help you set it up with the chemist of your own choice.